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When the Spotlight at TechHR17 was on Never Grow Up!

Happyness Quotient

A few weeks before Tech HR 2017 was being rolled out, we received an email. Happyness Quotient TM  had been shortlisted under the ‘Tech HR Spotlight Program’ at Tech HR 2017 – Asia’s largest Human Resources Technology Conference and Expo; hosted by People Matters.

Looking at the array names associated, we pumped our fists in the air, did a jig and got right back to work! Our ambassadors marked the dates and thus began a series of brainstorming sessions to come up with a hard-hitting, crisp, to the point, five-slide presentation of our concept, along with preparing for the launch. We geared up with funky and quirky merchandise production, ordered for a new batch of visiting cards and hoped that everything would go right! A lot at stake after all.

The First Step #AlwaysTheToughest

Positive vibes from hundreds of delegates, exhibits set up and renowned industry leaders; a buzzing environment and HR enthusiasts from every nook and corner. Right from the welcome address, which emphasized the need to change the rules of the game; we had a feeling, that we are about to change not just the rules, but the game itself. The speed-mentoring session [exclusive to Spotlight participants] further strengthened our belief. Focussed discussions on building a great team, strategy, funding and other tracks cemented our learning on the importance of patience, focus & perseverance. Our biggest lesson was absorbing the fact that true innovation rides on the back of execution. This is where Happyness QuotientTMscored!

The ISO Mix – Innovators. Specialists. Orators.

An eclectic blend of speakers and a tremendous learning opportunity, with the bonus of networking! Names like Abhijit Bhaduri, Ashish Vidyarthi, Dr Tal Ben-Shahar, Fons Trompenaars, Kate Sweetman, Mun Choong Lam & Suresh Narayanan among others in the same room. From insights on how the market place of HR Technology has undergone a reinvention, to understanding how can one leverage the element of digital learning to boost the productivity of their workforce, to the application of how can innovation be a crucial factor for driving impact in the HR Tech space, the speakers and the sessions were simply enthralling.

What is the ‘first and how not to fall into its trap, how does one create the right paradigms for learning, or even, how does an organization constitute of a multi-generational workforce that needs to be decoded – All in a diary full of takeaways.

Being a Spotlight Participant

The moment when you realize that you are about to make a positive impact and you simultaneously notice the first smile in the room, it gives you a tremendous boost. It was heartening to see that we at Never Grow Up ® were applauded for being innovative & developing a people-centric tool that helps identify employee happiness across levels within an organization. Not only does it help organizations to build HR strategies, but also helps them to smartly invest their people budgets – leading to a positive impact on company bottom line.

The Road Ahead

Taking the road less traveled is bound to garner moments of exoneration. It’s tough to keep believing and keep going, when results take time. But when HR leaders begin to nod appreciatively, clients applaud the way you have evolved and when somebody walks up to you and congratulates you for doing something that nobody ever expected, the experience is something you simply cannot articulate!

Happyness Quotient TM is our way of giving back to the industry that has taught us so much since our existence. We believe HR is undergoing a tremendous revolution and is ready for disruption. And to cope up, we need to be equipped – as people managers and employees alike. As an HR consultant, we understand the challenges that leaders in this domain face. Our initiative is simply an extension to ensuring Happyness At Work.


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