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You Need To Stop Working!

Take a break

And breathe.

Time and again we have been talking about the need to take a break from work; go on a vacation, or step out for dinner with friends, or simply just spend quality time with family. But taking a break goes beyond just being physically away from the workplace. It also means taking time off work and getting to know your colleagues better. And what better way to do this than to celebrate ‘No work day’ at work?

What exactly are we talking about now?

We’re simply saying that part of working is also ‘not working.’ That it’s alright to shut shop for a day and have some fun behind closed doors. That having a nice long chat with the intern may teach you something you never thought of before. Or that playing some icebreaker games may help you identify that you and another colleague have so much in common!

To some individuals, just the thought of entering the workplace can trigger negativity. One could be thinking about the unending lists of things to do and turn out to be unproductive for the day. So, the best way to ward-off such harboured feelings (and fear), is by changing the thought about the office being more than a drab place where “ONLY” serious business happens.

Just as one celebrates the joys of being a child, why not celebrate the joys of being a professional? Enough with the excuses that employees have to give just to relax and breathe for a day at work! It’s about time we bring out the fun side to work and make the office a place an employee enjoys being.

Today, it’s Never Grow Up’s turn to shut shop, relax, play some paintball (well, metaphorically), and boost productivity. Because we want to know what ‘Dotting art’ is from our newest hire and learn who’s the daring one among the lot to kiss the toilet seat for a hefty bet. And while we sure can get to know each other over drinks at a diner, we’re more comfortable coming to office in our ‘pyjamas’ and singing our hearts out during an unsynchronized karaoke session.

P.S – This blog is reason enough to pester your HR for a ‘NO WORK DAY’! You’re welcome.

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