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5 Ways To Make Your Boss Feel Guilty!

5 Ways To Make Your Boss Feel Guilty by Never Grow Up®

Deadlines are a way of life at work. You can’t run away or hide from them – neither can you avoid them. But all hell breaks loose when your boss decides to play the evil stepmom and gives you a deadline that he/she also knows is humanly impossible! What follows then are sleepless nights, an over-load of caffeine, nightmares about not being able to finish work & anxiety! Here are five quirky ways to make your boss feel so bad about assigning you that near to impossible deadline that he/she will never think about doing that again. Time to return the favour!

Carry your work around.

Take your laptop to the cafeteria and multi task while sitting near your boss as he/she muches away. Work all through lunch break and eat hopelessly as you type, or better, start having lunch after 3pm and make sure your boss notices it. Take the food in your hand with work files to your boss’s cabin and freak him out! Food works.

Cover it up!

Cover your desk with To-Do post-its. Nothing can be more effective than having all of it written down and in front of your eyes 24*7. It’s the modern age equivalent to being buried under all the paper work. Let your boss see the seemingly never ending tasks every day. More like ‘In your face’ every single day. This is bound to work [more so, if he/she is a cleanliness freak and hates mess and disorder!]

Puffed eyes.

Show a glimpse of your tortured soul to your boss through your eyes. We recommend a bit of ‘kajal/mascara’ smudged lightly. If that does not scare him/her off, we don’t know what will! Also, carry a tissue and ‘cough’ constantly while you answer any questions / answer the phone. That should send the message.

Be the over possessive/stalker! 

Stalk your boss with job updates like there is no tomorrow. Set up an auto responder that floods his/her inbox with job stats every 30 minutes. Call him on weekends and discuss work. Send e-mails at 3 a.m. Go ahead! Be the one he/she thinks about first in the morning and the last one at night! ‘Poof’ goes your nightmare without even a proper break-up.

Immediate Leave

The minute you submit your work, take a couple of days off. Better yet, plan your annual leave around the report submission. Its likely that your boss will not have the time to go through your 250 page report the minute you submit it and if he/she has questions, wait! To make this work, remember to switch off your phone. Your boss will go insane trying to manage / understand all the work while you will have a valid reason for some much deserved vacation every time.

Disclaimer: We sure see ourselves getting into trouble for sharing these top secret ideas with you. But hey, that’s what we do! If you have any crazy ideas to share, please do comment below. Happy Deadline Free Days to you!

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