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7 Ways To Turn That Boring Motivational Speech Around!

7 Ways To Turn That Boring Motivational Speech Around by Never Grow Up®

The best part about my job is that the chair swirls!’

Did that statement manage to get your attention or put a smile on your face? Is there a chance that you would listen to what the speaker has to say next with a little more interest and attention?

A motivational speech for employees is tricky to frame. They have to comprise of the right amount of information and should be able to engage the audience, while evoking positive and interactive responses. How would you ensure that your speech is crisp, yet effective? Here are a few tips that will help.

Know your S#$%!

Your speech is undoubtedly a hit if you have all the necessary answers. You need thorough research and structure even if your context is more of emotional connect and philosophical ideologies. It shouldn’t happen that one minute you are talking about work policies and the very next minute you start diverting towards life insurance policies.

Use anecdotes

A wise man once said ‘If you cannot convince them, confuse them’; but how would one apply the same with cracking a complicated client brief? A speech that has a witty, yet relatable opening is bound to create curiosity in the mind of the listener. If you manage to make them laugh, chances are, they will associate better.

Go visual

Have you ever wondered why professionals today prefer showcasing their presentation skills via Prezi? Or why Slideshare rocks? It isn’t because they can use fancy options or show off their presentation skills training, it is because it is easier to represent data in a much effective manner. You can even use clippings of movie scenes as ice breakers – Charlie Chaplin works like a charm. And for the uninitiated, there is Canva.

State relevant examples

People love to know how legitimate a statement is, especially of it has been adopted from a success story. Including a brief case study in your speech is a perfect way to equate how situations can change if one works towards bettering things. It’s also a great way to reinstate the purpose of the speech in relativity with employer branding. The best category to relate work situations with is food – works for all and is always vivid!

Be audience friendly

Avoid technicalities and jargon until mandatory. The more you address the layman, the more easily you will be able to reach out to people. Do not pull out people who yawn or are constantly on whatsapp, no matter how tempted you get. Instead be politely curt.

Offer solutions

Nobody likes being a part of the problem, but the moment they gauge that you are providing free solutions, you have a fan following. If you start playing the blame game instead of being passive, you may just unintentionally end up creating bad blood.

Call to action

A post speech follow-up should be self-sustainable, one where you can measure the impact. Be it via sharing feedback on social media, a selfie competition, or sending in individual learning via email.

Gone are the days of rote learning a speech. The best way to be quirky is to spontaneously improvise. You can even use Temple Run to teach your audience, that in order to achieve success, you need to constantly be on your toes.

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