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5 Signs that your Boss is letting your Career go for a Toss

5 Signs that your Boss is letting your Career go for a Toss by Never Grow Up®

“The worst mistake a boss can make is not to say ‘well done!’ “- John Ashcroft

Every day, a good 8-9 hours of our lives is occupied by work. While you spend your crucial time dealing and interacting with all sorts of people, your boss might just be the most important figurehead you deal with. How you feel about your boss and how s/he feels about you has quite a strong effect on your work life.

So, when you come across a boss who is kind and friendly, you are definitely at ease and can wave your stress away and focus on work. But how can you manage with the one who is tossing you out cold and seems to have no regard for your career?  You are doing your best and yet the magical words – ‘well done!’ fail to be bestowed upon you.

Appreciation at work is much more important than any internal communication strategy, or employee engagement activity. Read these signs to know if your boss values your career or not.

Your suggestions fall on deaf ears

If you are constantly experiencing some serious ignoring from your boss’ end, consider it a red flag. A keenly interested manager would always pay attention to you. If not immediately, they would get back when they are relatively less occupied.

Your move

Keep calm and leave out written communication so that he/she can’t miss or deny your attempts at getting their attention. Call and ask for an appointment, if need be.

You’ve become the next office errand boy/lady (unofficially)

All kinds of menial and trivial work come your way. It could vary from fetching coffee to typing out some old files from the archive. It could even stretch to receiving some of their personal guests at the airport. That means two flags up.

Your move

If trivial work is what they want to get out of you, then gently remind them you are working on an important project which you both are answerable for, to the bigger boss. 

Treasure hunt of your follies 

If you are experiencing constant criticism and your boss never skips a chance to belittle you in public or private, you are a goner to have a leader who is not bothered about boosting his subordinate’s morale and increasing his efficiency.

Your move

Before you take it personally, ensure if your boss’ behaviour is only meant for you or for everyone else. If you’re the real target, then have a one on one and request him/her to give you a better picture of his/her expectations about your work. 

Did you just miss out on an important project or meeting? Again?

If you are being constantly shoved in the dark and have no clue about the happenings at the work place, then you know whose doorstep to lay the blame. Keeping you out of meetings and depriving you of a chance to work on meaty assignments is just the strategy to make things difficult for you. This move is upped by taking credit for your efforts and work. So, watch out!

Your move

If the behaviour persists and you get missed out for more meetings, then contact the person responsible for calling all the people to the meeting and request him/her to keep you in the loop. Your boss cannot possibly create a scene in public when s/he’s at fault for attempting to keep you out. 

He/ She always has your back covered- not to save but to stab!

Looking for reasons to blame you and micromanaging your every move, if this sounds familiar then know that the boss isn’t your best bud. He/she is just looking for an excuse to give a pink slip.

Your move

Be on the lookout of new opportunities and literally move out at the best one that comes your way. And re-invent the concept of ‘pink-slip’ by handing one to your boss for firing him/her your list of ‘respectable people’.

So, if you find these signs similar to what you are going through and can see the red flags in your boss’ behaviour, then take a call on each move or move out or better still, chuck him/her out! You might have to take certain risks to have a successful career. Know that no work or pay is more important than your peace of mind, so hang on to that thought and Move On!

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