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Why Being A Boss [Read Leader] Is A Great Thing!

Why Being A Boss Read Leader Is A Great Thing by Never Grow Up®

A bunch of sailors without a captain is like a rudderless ship moving without the knowledge of their destination. A rally without a chair is like fighting for a cause without knowing how to effectively put forth your point. And an organization without a boss[read leader] is an assemblage of talented individuals working towards achieving a common goal that is measurable but undefined. We often tend to scorn the idea of being a boss because the designation comes with a tremendous amount of baggage attached to it. Being accountable for decisions made, accepting responsibility for the consequences, people management, and taking ownership is a great feeling! It calls for an individual to be dynamic and serene at the same time, to have a good work life balance; be an orator, a good communicator, a trainer, a guide, practically an all rounder, and most importantly – a good human being. On the occasion of ‘Boss’s Day we’ve listed a few reasons why ‘Being the chosen one’ should feel awesome.

Things you wish your boss had done.

Training your staff in adapting a formal approach, equipping them with the appropriate skills, ensuring work life balance and nurturing the right office culture – be it building a team of professionals from different walks of life, you get to set the pace and ensure that the operations at work occur smoothly.

Become the change maker.

No long procedures to follow, no never ending permissions to take – you feel something will work for your organization, you get to implement it on the spot. You can decide to alter a marketing strategy that hasn’t been generating revenue or constitute a new policy that will prove beneficial for your employees – you get to make the rules.

You get to be the change.

Although you may not get paid a salary, but at the end of the day you get the satisfaction that with the support from you employees, there is quality work being churned out. You can be quick in attending to queries as well as solving any problems that occur, you do not have to rely on a third party to make a statement about your company in the media. Besides, you do not have to worry about being fired.

It makes you a better person.

Being a mentor at times and at times a mother hen; playing multiple roles enhances your patience levels. Constantly sharing your knowledge, brainstorming ideas to better the work life and keep your employees engaged, exploring opportunities to grow for your company as well as employees; being a boss makes you a natural leader and encourages you to be optimistic.

Yes, it is a difficult job. It can get tiring at times, and at times make you feel that you wish you hadn’t braved up to be different. But that’s what the pursuit of happiness is all about. Wish you all a very Happy boss’s Day!

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