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June 7, 2016 Comments Off on Battling Boredom in the Boardroom Views: 968 Work Culture

Battling Boredom in the Boardroom

“Friendship is the single most overlooked factor when it comes to building an extraordinary workplace.” -Ron Friedman, a management and market research consultant. It is a privilege to be able to turn away from the constant buzz of the computer and share a quick word with the buddy next to you or exchange a wink in those long-drawn meetings. A partner in crime, an ally in the office alley, conversations at the water cooler and a sense of camaraderie gets the tough going.

If you can identify with the following scenarios of having a friend/friends at the workplace, then you sure are amongst the lucky ones who can have fun at work. They have your back safe from back-stabbers. They’ll rag and be a nuisance but would flay anyone who would take the same liberty with you.

You know the criticism is meant for your improvement and not to dishearten. On the other hand, they would hail your family with exaggerated stories of yours from work. The boss’ call to his cabin will have them giving you a “God Bless You!” look. Moreover, they will always be there to pep you up for your rights when you wish for a hike or promotion. You’ll be spammed with suggestions for the weekend. You get to enjoy a pot-lunch of sorts everyday with everyone sharing food and new recipe discoveries. You’ll always find them after a ‘bad-bad day’ to lighten things up. Then again, the onus of a random treat maybe put on you. The company’s ritual of birthday celebrations aside, you’re always surprised by their plans for your special day.

Those long drawn meetings can be fun with the constant eye conversations that express the boredom and futility of the moment, but help in battling boredom as well. The silent exchanges and ensuing chuckles definitely make it easier. You share special codes that are indiscernible to others. You know the project will be executed awesomely as you two/ four are dynamite together. The rapport and understanding helps you all do the best and make an excellent team. Friendship is indeed one of the best positive work environment ideas.

The list is an endless one but if you can relate to these instances, then your workplace is definitely doing you some good, and possesses a positive work culture.

Friendships are up and above the competitive environment at work. You have an understanding and equation that augurs well for your mental well-being and growth as an individual. Isn’t this the ultimate answer for how to improve work environment for employees? Friends at work make life easier and work a piece of cake. And doesn’t the mention of cake call for a celebration with your work buddies? Raise a toast to the mad yet special people at work.

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