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7 days to celebrate at Work!

7 days to celebrate at Work! by Never Grow Up®

Having a job helps you stay active, constantly thinking on your feet and keeping those brain cells from rusting! Day in and day out, we work to our hearts delight because the challenges at work gives us the thrill to keep innovating. But imagine… All work and no play? Imagine work life being all about serious meetings and tie ups and no social life at all! Imagine a life without fun and laughter! The very thought gives you goose bumps doesn’t it? What if we told you that there are some days officially termed as Fun Work Days? And these days formally allow you to act unbalanced once in a while at your work place. Seven wonders, seven colors in the rainbow, seven deadly sins and hence, we present to you… Seven days of our lives to celebrate and have fun at work.

April 1st – World Fool’s Day

Let’s begin with the day that marks the beginning of the financial year – A day renowned for pranks. A day devoted to those who have a streak of creativity in initiating new jokes such that the victim is indeed happy to be a part of it. A day where the scope of being beaten up is directly proportional to the intensity of the prank you play. The best day to be mischievous and yet get away with it!

Jot down a list of ‘fun and in-offensive’ pranks that you could play on your colleague. A bouquet of red roses saying ‘I love you’ or a neatly concealed box of party poppers. Back it with a series of blank calls or a plastic cockroach in their drawer! Even wackier, collectively plan and dedicate a song to your colleague on your Personal Announcement system (of course with your boss’s permission)!

July 13th – Blame Someone Else Day

Have you always been blamed for something that went wrong at office? Well, it’s the day to get even!

Point fingers shamelessly, put stakes on somebody freaking out when blamed because today is the day you can officially play the blame game! One day in the year when you can blatantly and on purpose commit an error in filing and say the files were inappropriately placed, mis-spell somebody’s name and say that that was the way it was given to you or even get somebody a coffee mixed with tea and say the machine faltered and you could not taste it.

July 16th – Go To Work My Way

Miss your good old college days where you could wear torn jeans and get away calling it trendy and fashionable? Hate wearing a tie but would love to wear some funky accessories to work? Had you always wished to wear your favourite Superman costume to work? Well… You are formally permitted to do so.

You can be dressed as a comic character you love, a celebrity you follow or even wear a striped shirt and call yourself a Zebra! Pick up some bright colors because for once, your formal work wardrobe can take a back seat.

September 28th – Ask Any Question

Always wanted to know why the walls in your office are painted white and never had the gall to question your seniors? Always wished you could drop in a hint during a casual conversation of why the air freshener in the common room is Rose and not Lavender, but thought people would consider it none of your business?

Well, now you can officially and on purpose play dumb! Use this day to overcome your hesitations, because then people will only say that you are suffering from the hangover of asking stupid questions!

October 4th – Improve Your Office Day

Ever imagined how it would feel to be in the place of that old table clock on your desk that you never really bother to dust? Or how would you feel if you were made to sit in the corner for one entire year – a place where the air conditioner never seems to reach!

This is a day to do something for your office and make it feel special. Chip in some amount and make place to squeeze in a bean bag, discuss with your team and buy a painting that will be refreshing to the eyes after a tedious discussion, or simply buy a couple of comics that you can flick through every once in a while, when you are bored or suffer from the thinker’s block syndrome!

October 16th – Boss’s Day

Every boss is a mentor who leaves his/her employees with some insightful learning. Even if you have been asked to type out an email, you need to keep in mind the tone, the lingo, and the purpose of conversation.

Getting your boss a card from the team, a punching bag, a game of darts or simply a treat at his/her favorite food joint – simple gestures that will make them smile! Boss’s too need a break, they too need to take some time off. If you can contribute in even the minutest of ways, do not hesitate.

November 14th – Children’s Day

Last but not the least, for the child in each one of us. Letting go of the piled up worries once in a while is healthy! Jumping into the pool of spontaneity and throwing caution to the wind, if for one day you wish to sit on the bench at the playground and eat ice-cream, do it! If you want to ride a cycle after 10 years of driving in a car, do it. If you feel like leaving early from work and going on a drive all by yourself, work at it.

It is possible to celebrate and have fun at work almost every day. For this, you need to maximize on your internal communications, implement your employee engagement strategy, hold workshops and activities for team building.

Like we always say: Never SurrenderNever Grow Up.

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