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Funny Out of Office Messages

Funny Out of Office Messages by Never Grow Up®

Sample # 777

Taking a break in the Bermuda Triangle, seeking an end to my love triangle. See you hopefully if I find an angle that will cure me of the need to work within a cubicle shaped as a triangle. Take a hint, will you?


Sample # 444

Am going to keep this very short and simple, no formalities.

I have finally managed to get a date with THE Wonder Woman of my life and I need to prepare because it is genuinely a matter of life or death! She has very graciously agreed to the nagging presence of my every chirpy family, but a phone that keeps lighting up consistently, definitely stands a chance of being blown up along with the fireworks.

Please be nice to me. I need the courage. I mean you can only dream of marrying Wonder Woman. Me, on the other hand, am living the dream. So Long Suckers! That’s all folks! You do not need to drop another email to wish me luck. Am never going to invite you!


Sample #015

I have unwillingly agreed to take a sabbatical to Eat, Pray, Love and Sleep. My boss has finally succeeded in convincing me to take off for a three-day vacation over the long weekend (after 3 months of begging) and so, you will undoubtedly see me back, cheerfully greeting you, first thing on Monday morning! I even insisted on keeping my phone within a reachable distance, but my wife has threatened to fire me if I attend to a single work-related issue. And keep sending me emails so that I have something useful to do when I come back.


Sample # 456

I love my country!

All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters. Let’s all just assume that we have had a very ugly fight and not talk to each other for a few days. Let’s make this attempt at restoring World Peace! Back in the office next week.


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