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Five Key Factors That Can Attract an Employee To Choose Your Company

Five Key Factors That Can Attract an Employee To Choose Your Company by Never Grow Up®

Gone are the days when you could just put up a “HIRING” sign on the door of your office and there would be a long queue outside. Nowadays, even if interviewees stand in a long queue awaiting their turn, they would still make it a point to consider multiple options before freezing in on one.

Here are some ways how you can ensure that employees not only choose your company but also stay for long.

The job profile makes a difference.

Make sure that you make the profile very clear. Explain all that the job encompasses. Elaborate on all the good, easy as well as the hard parts, and the challenges. Also explain what you, as a company, would expect from the employee who holds that position. Invite questions from the interviewee about the job profile and answer all his/her queries clearly and politely.

Salary is a very essential part.

Be careful when you decide the base salary of an employee. Is should be according to the current market standards and not according to what you can pay.

Give the employee an idea of the pay scale when you meet him/her for the first time. It happens that organisations take two or three rounds of interviews on different days and even after the final round of interview, the employee still does not know what his/her pay would be like. A job is not a suspense thriller movie that you have to reveal the secret at the last minute! If the employee asks you about the pay package you are offering, give it right away; telling them to wait till they are selected often disgusts them.

The office ambience.

The way an office looks is also a decision making factor. Avoid dingy places and narrow roads or old buildings without proper lights and washrooms. Employees totally hate dirty and stinky offices. Even if they really like the job profile you are offering, the thought that they would have to come to work to a small, dirty, dingy place every day to work, would be a great turn off.

If the office is located far away from the city, many prospective candidates might get dissuaded. The journey might cost them a lot of time and expenditure as well. Moreover, the time consumed in travelling that distance twice a day would leave them with little time to spend back at home with their families, this can be unsettling for many.

Offer growth opportunities.

It is obvious that no employee would prefer staying in the same position for years. They look out for positions that would offer opportunities for advancement, everyone wants to grow.

Most employees want the weekend off. So it is advisable that you plan your work for five days a week. Flexible hours and work from home options prove to be an added bonus.

Value the worth of your employees.

Last but not the least, a workplace becomes more welcoming when employees feel valued and assured. Establishing a worker-friendly and transparent working atmosphere is probably the best employee benefit an employer can provide and employees look out for.

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