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June 20, 2016 Comments Off on Do What Needs to Be Done! Views: 510 Employee Experience

Do What Needs to Be Done!

Wouldn’t life be much easier if your work could be organized for you? If somebody from Internal Communications came in every day at work and made your ‘To Do’ lists coupled with a detailed procedure of how and when to do it as well. If all you need to do was go to work, sign against your name in the register and mechanically ‘work’.

Nobody would blame you when things went wrong. Nobody would yell their guts out when the client politely drops in a request at the last minute. Nobody would ask you to make up an Employment Engagement strategy on the spot. Nobody would make your life a living hell for not taking the employee engagement survey, because since your work would very much be defined for you, there would barely be any hiccups. Life would be so… sorted?

Or… Would it actually be… Boring? Where you aren’t allowed to use your brains. Where your personal sense of judgement is repressed. Where along with your work being cut out for you, your decisions are taken for you as well. Where there would be no Employee Recognition. When it isn’t fun at work anymore. Nobody to push you to explore your potential. Nobody to guide and teach you easier and much less complicated ways to complete a task. Nobody to make you feel that you have actually earned your salary and not just received it.

Enter: ‘Please Don’t Just Do What I Tell You! Do What Needs To Be Done’ Every employee’s guide to making work more rewarding by Bob Nelson. We reviewed this age-old gem about work engagement to summarize a few quick learning/s. Here you go.

  • Be your own critique, keep improvising.Sometimes a random idea may be the window of opportunity that you have been looking for. But to be on a safer side, make sure that your idea is well formulated before presentation and is based on concrete information rather than mere speculation.
  • Yes, it can be a pain to follow up.First, you co-ordinate and then you have to re-co-ordinate and then you have to keep on coordinating. But in the end, it all pays off. One word of appreciation is a testimonial of your ability to execute a project successfully. It’s like a series of HR employee engagement activities. The more often you engage, the better the results.
  • Pointing fingers is a piece of cake.Ensuring that a finger never needs to be raised, is the real challenge. Patience is a virtue that needs to be nurtured. Hurdles and hiccups take time to be tackled. Don’t give up. Gulp some water, take a deep breath and move on to pursue your targets.
  • If there is an issue, be the one to suggest scale-able solutions rather than awaiting for it to be magically. Take initiative and along with it, take complete ownership and responsibility of your actions. It may not be easy, but it is definitely not impossible. Do it the long way if needed, but make sure you generate the best possible outcomes, whether they are Employee Recognition Ideas or an Employee Engagement Strategy.
  • Every cloud has a silver lining and every problem an unseen solution. Look on the brighter side, stay away from pessimism, be stringent when it comes to parting with funds and try to think out of the box.  In short, take risks, explore, enjoy and be confident.                                                                                                                  Remember that you, and only you can find the much-needed balance in your life at work. For the ultimate expectation that does remain continues to be ‘Do what needs to be done’.

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