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Never Grow Up Wins & Stands Humbled

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We’ve always believed in letting our work speak for us. Over the years, as Never Grow Up evolved into a Work Culture firm that’s driving Engagement, Employer Branding and Communications in companies across sectors, we saw the need to build bridges between management and team members – no matter what the odds. The idea was to build transparency which is the cornerstone of developing trust.

Our ideas were out there. A bit whacked, but we’ve been fortunate that clients and partners have lend us their ears and believed in what we do. That is why today, we stand humbled.

At the recently concluded Asia Pacific HRM Congress 2017, in Bangalore, the team at Never Grow Up ®, was awarded the ‘Best Employer Branding Consultant& The Best HR Communications Partner amidst an august gathering of Human Resource professionals.

Never Grow Up

Our approach to Employer Branding is rooted in the belief that an Employer Brand transcends what a company does consciously to create. It is everything that a company communicates and shares with its audience, including its current employees, ex-employees, future employees and even its customers. Employees in every organization are the most important stakeholders, linking a company to its customers while communication is the key that makes every relationship work.

Therefore, employee engagement and employee recognition are important factors in creating a friendly and efficient work culture. Work engagement workshops and fun employee activities are essential to keep your employees motivated while simultaneously creating workplace happiness.

We believe that an HR consultant is someone most employees relate to. Having one onboard assures your employees that there is someone to help and guide them through a difficult situation, give them moral support in time of need, or just hear them out.

Over the last two years, our thirst to innovate has led us on an enthralling journey. While these awards are a result of endless efforts put in by the team, it is the trust of our clients and happy employees that drives us to do better every day. We stand humbled and understand the responsibility this brings on us. To do better. To build better. To bridge gaps. To make work culture awesome and making workplaces happier!


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