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Celebrating Festivals Consciously At Work

Festivals at work

Organizations have consciously embraced the fact that festivities encourage a strong sense of belonging when you treat the employees as a part of the organization’s extended family. Effective people management ensures that celebrations foster team-building in the most obvious manner, bringing individuals closer; giving them the opportunity to interact across cultures and traditions. A classic indicator of living up to diversity at workplace is when professionals are given a platform to interact across departments, participate in cultural activities with vigour and indulge in the festive spirit with joy.

The informal atmosphere during festivities helps break the ice. And when HR takes the initiative to slip in a few fun games, that is the ultimate moment that one feels happiness at work! In fact, festive celebrations are the best times to welcome new members into the organization and get them familiarized with the work culture. It proves to be a great way to explain the importance of nurturing the passion to work for a brand that cares for its puts people first.

People, Management, People Management

Be it a puja during Diwali, rangoli and floral decorations during Onam, a family get-together during Holi or the ultimate, ‘Your Secret Santa’! Festivities help establish the fact that even the senior management is fun to be with. Implement employee recognition ideas and add the element of a talent show and the responses received are simply priceless!

But, shouldn’t ‘community specific festivities’ be given equal importance and weightage too? Who decides what gets celebrated and what doesn’t? Diwali, Christmas, Ramzan (Id-ul-Fitr), Rakshabandhan, even Valentine’s Day – Check. Merely because it caters to a majority of the crowd? What about Baisakhi, Easter, Ugadi, Muharram, Paryushana, Navroz; or even Bihu?

Is Diversity Inclusive?

The cultural demographics within a workplace constitute the coming together of individuals from different parts across the country. Some celebrations are state specific, while some are community specific. Diverse religions, different languages, varied customs and traditions. Is each one being given the rightful amount of importance?

“Is it possible to accommodate all” you ask? India technically worships a battalion of deities; and festivities ultimately relate back to ‘the higher power’ in some way. Not to forget the inclusion of the popular ones that have become a norm from the west. In a democratic country like ours when we claim secularism of thought, defining boundaries, while ensuring diversity at workplace becomes a task.

The biggest challenge? Maintaining the perfect balance. The department responsible to find better ways to strike that ‘perfect balance’ – The HR. What role does the HR play in encouraging ‘inclusivity’?

The Festivity Of ‘Celebrating Employees’

Organizations today are strategically shifting their focus to its driving force – the people. Indulging in internal communications and engaging in employee centric activities to reinforce happiness at work has been the norm. The latest trend in practice within the industry is the provision for a ‘Floating Holiday’ – a paid leave benefit for the employee to help achieve a work life balance. The policy can be customized with the crux of providing each and every employee a day or two off, over and above the specified list of official holidays. It has so far proven to be the ultimate morale booster and most of the times, may even go unutilized. But the thought behind this people management counts and it does leave a lasting impression.

What do certain requests lack that they get belittled? What is the breaking point for a situation before it leads to an escalation? Sometimes, the biggest obstacle standing on the bridge between the organization and a people first approach, is the demon called ‘lack of communication’. A demon that can possesses the power to turn the tables on something as heartening as Celebrating Festivals Consciously At Work.

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