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Time to Rethink Perks for Work-From-Home Employees

Time to Rethink Perks for Work From Home Employees by Never Grow Up®

Transitioning from office spaces to our homes is probably the most significant cultural shift that we’ve made during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. A recent study found out that employees working from home were 22% happier than on-site employees. They experienced better work-life balance, less stress, and also higher productivity. 

Most individuals are turning to remote jobs to be with their families during these testing times. The work-from-home trend is here to stay. After seeing higher productivity among remote employees, an Indian IT firm has recently proposed a working model in which 50% of its staff will be working from home and rest from office, on a rotational basis.

While companies are busy redesigning their offices to adjust to the post lockdown phase, it is equally significant for them to revise and rethink work-from-home employee perks. 

Remote Work Is Not Enough Of A Perk

Since there is an upward surge in demand for work-from-home employees, the competition for such talent is going to build up more than ever. Soon people will be searching for best work-from-home jobs in companies with the best employee benefits.

To attract and retain such talent in your business, you have to focus on employee engagement and motivation in your organization. Offering them some perks and benefits is a great way to show them that you value their contribution. Remember: happy employees will yield higher productivity and higher earnings for your business.

Here are a few factors to consider before deciding a well-suited ‘perk strategy’ for your work-from-home employees.

1. Inclusivity Is Integral

Gone are the days when on-site employees were given more preference over employees working remotely. Make your employees feel significant by following the policy of inclusivity while deciding benefits.

All groups need to have equal value in the eyes of the company. For instance, if you’re providing early Friday offs to office employees, you have to do the same with your remote employees.

If you’re deciding common perks for all your employees, frame them in a way that they can be easily used, regardless of your employees’ work location.

2. Flexibility Is Fulfilling

Introducing small changes in your remote working structure that allows flexibility for your work-from-home employees can go a long way in sealing their loyalty. Enabling your workforce to manage their homes without compromising on daily tasks is a great way to retain talent and boost their productivity.

A fixed 9 to 6 working model doesn’t often bring out the best in work-from-home employees. Instead, allow them an extended break in the afternoon or early morning when their kids go to school. They can compensate for that time at night after they are done with chores or work on weekends.

3. Rethink The Term ‘Benefits’

No doubt, food deliveries, gift cards, wellness programs, etc. are a great way to keep your workforce up and going. But do these perks help retain talent in your company for the long term? Maybe not. 

Employers need to re-evaluate the term ‘benefits’ and realize what’s vital in the post-pandemic world. For instance, your employees may be looking forward to better medical benefits and rewards that fundamentally support their well-being.

The Bottom Line

Going remote has been a great workplace cultural shift for many but, instead of mulling over, companies should start evolving and adapting to this ‘new normal.’

The foremost challenge of a ‘remote employee model’ is talent acquisition and retention. Therefore, it’s the best time for companies to rethink and revise work-from-home employee perks.

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