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Appraisals 2021

Appraisals 2021: Impact Of The Pandemic On Pay Raise And Employee Experience

04/01/2021 • Every dream or goal that people had expected to achieve in 2020, have been shifted to 2021. As...

employee engagement

Are You Achieving Employee Engagement Or Employee Satisfaction?

09/12/2020 • When employees quit their jobs ‘voluntarily’, it not only affects the team dynamics, but...

Employee experience

A Healthy Employee Experience Demands A People-First Approach

07/12/2020 • Management has received a complaint against a senior executive being involved in a sexual...

Pulse surveys

Pulse Surveys: What 2021 Looks Like For The Employee Experience

02/12/2020 • In Early 2020 as the pandemic struck, CEOs, founders, HR leaders and tech companies quickly...

employee experience

Balancing The Employee Experience: Tackling Unavoidable Distractions

24/11/2020 • In April when companies announced work from home indefinitely, no dress-code and no commute...

Working with Introverts

Understanding And Working With ‘Introverts’ At Work

25/10/2019 • Introverts are often misunderstood. At the workplace, we should strive to understand them for...