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Interpersonal Relationships at Work

Interpersonal Relationships at Work!

Things that Bosses say

May 30, 2015 Comments Off on 10 Things That Bosses Say Views: 647 Life At Work

10 Things That Bosses Say

#Corporate Rule: When somebody gives you a feedback, accept it at face value and act accordingly. Especially, if that somebody is your Boss! But then, over a period of time there comes a moment when you start noticing a pattern in the responses. A series of static statements to anything and everything you say or do. Be it making a presentation, meeting a client for the first time, making a new pitch, or even brainstorming over an idea – there is one answer that remains annoyingly common. And at times, you can actually wager on which of the boss’s favourite dialogue you shall get to hear when faced by a situation.

Below is a fun list that we have compiled: ‘10 things that Bosses say!’ What they actually mean, we leave it to your imagination.

#1. “Figure out how it’s done?”

#2. “Give me a fresh perspective.”

#3. “What is wrong with you today? Woke up from the wrong side of the bed?”

#4. “If I have to do this myself, what am I paying you for?”

#5. “Increment? Sure. Remind me next month.”

#6. “Why do you think this idea will even be considered?”

#7. “Stick to the brief.”

#8. “You’ve got it just about right.”

#9. “You need to up your game my child.”

#10. “God job. But you could have done it better.”

There are some bosses who are serious when saying the above lines, while there are some bosses who are fooling around. Having a boss who is interactive and someone who you can call your buddy, increases the organization’s chances of employer branding. Through leadership training, he aims to prepare you for the day when you would manage a team.

Got something to add to our list? Something that your boss says differently? Drop us a comment !

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