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Have You Been Appraised? Here’s What It Really Means!

Have You Been Appraised Here's What It Really Means by Never Grow Up®

If you’ve read our 2013 post on ‘Annual Appraisals’ and the latest Jan 2014 post on ‘Some of the things you should not do during your appraisals’, life has been good to you and you would have had a joyride. If you missed these and have braved through the hour where your boss tells you about the things that you ‘could have done better’ and the ‘near misses’ in the last one year, take note! For there is a difference between what is said and what it really means. Puzzled? It’s true. Ask your senior colleagues and they will agree for sure. Here’s a peek into and our tribute to the Annual Performance Appraisals that never cease to amaze.








Issued in the interest of office humor! Keep sharing though, you never know if you’ll inspire someone.

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