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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade! by Never Grow Up®

Ever heard this saying before?

At Never Grow Up WPL and Yellow Seed Content Solutions, this week was a little different for us. Armed with all the ingredients that go into making lemonade, we were determined to make a difference in our society in a creative way.

What exactly did we do?

We were divided into two teams in a random order. Each team made lemonade respectively, sold it to strangers on the streets in return for money to be used for a good cause. The healthy competition between the two teams and the energy of going on the streets pumped the entire team up!

After an hour of running around on the streets, both the teams managed to collect a significant amount of money. The cause that we all worked towards was to buy food for the under-privileged who live by the streets around our office premises and serve them.

When we set out to do this activity, we were a little skeptical about how much we would be able to collect by individually selling lemonade. However, with our collective efforts, we realized that anything can happen!

On returning to office, every team member felt a sense of wonder and accomplishment of what we had achieved. The feeling of doing something meaningful for others was conveyed through the broad smiles that we all shared. All of a sudden, an hour that was spent interacting with strangers, honing our marketing skills and bonding with each other seemed so worth it! No one expected to have a workday that was so fulfilling. This wasn’t your typical CSR activity though, rather, it was typical life at work.

We all left office with the thought that irrespective of how small an action might seem, if there is anybody around you who can benefit from it, just go for it! A pinch of enthusiasm and a spoon of belief to make a difference is all you need. These are ingredients that probably made our lemonade taste better as well!

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