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7 Foods That Boost Productivity & Beat Stress

Beat Stress and boost productivity

We don’t choose stress. Stress chooses us. It has taken over a major part of our lives without us realizing it. Nutrition and stress management go hand-in-hand. Choosing to eat the right food at work is a mammoth task. So, how would you go about doing that? Let’s find out. Here are some foods that reduce stress and anxiety!


Not only are berries rich in antioxidants but they are also a good source of nutrition. While you work on that important presentation of yours, don’t forget to eat some berries. This way you’ve accomplished two tasks, a well done presentation and some vitamin C intake as well. Easier done than thought.

Nutri Bars

Have a client meeting for later but don’t know what to eat? Wondering how to beat stress at work?

  • Sugar rush free
  • Guilt free
  • Stress free

Not only are they mood and energy boosters but also contribute to a significant amount of protein.

The Nutty Way

How do you summarise a perfect day at work? So much to do and so little time. The problem arises when you forget one of your tasks that you had planned on doing that very day. So how do you make sure you have a good memory amongst this work hustle bustle? A simple tip would be to chew on a handful of nuts every now and then. Boost your memory and also lose weight simultaneously at the comfort of your work space while you make your to do lists for the day.

Ragi Biscuits

It’s tea time and you find yourself looking at the clock and you’re a little hungry as well but work doesn’t permit you to move from your place. What do you do? Opt for a quick bite of ragi biscuits. High in fiber, tasty and the perfect evening snack. Channel your cravings productively with a healthy diet.


We’re all well aware about the “Monday morning scenarios at work”. First of all, it’s Monday, secondly deadlines to meet because it’s Monday and thirdly you missed out on eating breakfast because of the chaos that has occurred because of the above situations. It’s never too late to eat breakfast since it is an important meal of the day and it cannot be skipped. Low on eating options? Then oats are the savior meal in that case. Easy to make, healthy to eat and provides much-needed concentration.


Are you that person at work who feels tired most times during the day. Have you ever thought that this tiredness could stem from the fact of you not having sufficient Vitamin C intake in your body? Try giving that a thought and notice the change thereafter.


Why should movie theatres be the only ones keeping popcorn? A packet of popcorn definitely deserves a place on your desk. You must be wondering how popcorn is associated with a healthy food option but turns out it is. Picture this: It’s half past eleven in the morning, hunger pangs have begun their job already and you are on the verge of zoning out in the middle of work, adding to your woes it’s too early to break for lunch. Option 1: You forget about your hunger pangs and continue to alternately zone out and work, Option 2: You opt for some popcorn which is really low on calories since it is whole grain but high on productivity.

Whole Wheat Bread

Do you ever find yourself In the middle of a brainstorming session and nothing on your mind? We often forget to eat lunch and that could be the cause of the “mental block” that each one of us faces at work. Eating a whole wheat bread sandwich could be a great way to get those creative juices in your brain flowing.

Wholesome food contributes to great ideas. So, the next time you wonder how to beat stress, eat before you think.

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