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Here’s Why Our Ideas Are Probably Failing!

why your ideas are failing

How would you like to shadow the CEO for a week and take over the running of an entire organization, eventually? An aspiration or a nightmare?

Or, how often do we think from the perspective of an organization? If empathy is a treasured value, then why isn’t there any towards the management or the administration struggling to look after its employees? As an employee, we often forget that those in the ‘shoes of power’ also have a lot of responsibilities. It’s not just another free lunch. A business decision is bound to create ripples of rumors, but it also comes with a lot of contemplation; not to forget needs a lot of courage to make.

We often speak about bridging the gap between employee expectations and organizational execution. Here’s how organizational expectations are directly proportionate to employee experiences.

Right Information – The Homework Never Stops

What does it take to execute things? A smart plan or a strong team? How does an employee figure out the internal policies and external obligations without any orientation or on-boarding? Putting a 360-degree feedback system in place will only yield results, if there is a simultaneous 30-60-90 days mentoring in place as well.

The solution to ensure a smooth transition is a bit obvious here – Effective internal communications. Why? Because quirky communication campaigns that incorporate fun with learning, leave a better impact, creating a sense of belonging and inculcating accountability. Have you heard of Twitter’s ‘Yes To Desk’ induction program? Right from seating to acclimatizing, everything is pre-planned to ensure that the new recruits feel right at home!

Perspective & Insight – Listen, Not Hear

Once in a year (or sometimes, even twice) the budget distribution gets debated at length, the targets get renewed, and the work allocations get rotated. No? Then it should. Because plotting of a ‘work growth chart’ for an employee is ultimately the responsibility of the organization. Opportunities can be distributed, and skills can be honed, but all efforts are in vain unless the organization reciprocates and learns to take feedback sportingly with a core focus on developing valuable Employee Assistance Programs.

The morning huddle for discussing a project status, idea-ting with the team for a new pitch, undertaking a survey to sense the market pulse, are all moments that sub-consciously facilitate collaboration, help nurture innovation, and provoke accountability. Learning & Development should thus be a consistent factor in the life of an employee. Which means that they should be equipped with constant training over and above mentoring, feedback, and appraisal cycles.

Team Engagement – Invest in Quality Employee Experience

Exceptions are not examples, but they do make for great managers. Ensuring that everyone in the team gives in their productive best isn’t the sole responsibility of one soul. Neither is it a one-day job that we conduct a fun activity on and leave the rest of the days for them to battle work pressure. It’s a matter of faith versus skepticism – ‘You are expected to’ versus ‘You have it in you’. Organizations that have time and again engaged in Corporate Social Responsibilities have perfectly understood the core importance of employee engagement.

Still wondering if you should strive for ‘Excellence or Execution’? Well, why pick one when you can indulge in both! Companies that invest in the making of their future leaders, succeed often with the best of both worlds.

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