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Never Grow Up Wins the Best Corporate Blog Award

Best Corporate Blog Award

Have you ever wandered on to the world wide web in search of information – ‘Steps To Building Workplace Citizenship’, ‘Personality Types at Workplace’, ‘Employer Branding:  Benefits and Challenges’, or even ‘Professional Qualities to Learn From Stephen Hawking’; specific or random, appraisals or activities, anything and everything related to the workplace. Have you ever encountered one single source where you could locate everything that you were seeking?

Well, we present to you the Never Grow Up® blog. Making workplace a happier space since 2010, the evening of 05th July 2018 bestowed us with a formal recognition. Never Grow Up® won the Best Corporate Blog Award at the National Awards for Marketing Excellence powered by Times Network & CMO Asia. The awards ceremony was held at Taj Lands End, Mumbai and our entire team beamed with joy.

Once upon a time, we envisioned ourselves pioneering the employee engagement space with fun-infused ideas, concepts, and activities. It all began as a passion to challenge stereotypes. But over a period of time, our team has worked hard to make this platform as diverse as it could be. From ‘Life at Work’ and ‘Work Culture’, to a section specifically dedicated towards ‘Official Keeda’. Throughout our journey, we have had immense support from a number of clients, contributors, and well-wishers. We thank each and every one of you for all your support.

Keep reading, keep watching this space. We have a lot more in store for you.

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