Funny Out of Office Messages

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Funny Out Of Office Messages | Volume 2

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1. Shri Mahila Samaj would have made lesser papads for Lijjat

Lekin iss chutti ke liye bahut papad bele hain [Have literally had to beg for this one break]

So please don’t bother till I come back

2. The Totally Honest [What I really mean] one!

What I write What I actually mean
I am currently out of office Saal bhar ‘tashreef’ ghisane ke baad yeh chutti mili hain
I will have limited access to phone and email Phone kiya to ya to ignore marunga

Ya vapas aane ke baad mooh tod dunga

In my absence , please contact Rishi Kyunki Team Delegation? Wo khudka kaam karle bahut hain

Mera kaam ghante se karnewla hain

He will wait till I am back, lekin kyunki lage na mere vajah se kaam ruka hain

3. Something’s come up at home. So today’s leave was even more unexpected than Rahul Gandhi being called to address a conference on Artificial Intelligence.

4. My stomach is more upset

Than my boss normally is

Am not going to be able to make it to work.

Unless they order a truck load of tissue

5. Took a day off today. Tomorrow is a national holiday. The weekend approaches. Availing the take one, get 4 leave offer! See you next week.

6. It’s raining out here. No. Seriously. And since my swimming is worse than Uday Chopra’s acting, have decided to take the day off.


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