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Ways To Look Busy At Work

Ways to look busy at work

Your life at work has its mellow days and hyped days. There are days when you don’t feel like working or have anything important to work for. And then there are days when you are just someone who likes to chill around and have fun at work and likes to wait & work until last moment. Stop feeling guilty about this because everyone goes through it at some point or the other.

Here’s some ways to look like you are busy working but in reality, you are passing some time at work:

1. Start with telling everyone how busy you are

One of the things that makes people believe you are busy at work is when you keep saying, “I’m extremely busy today”. This way people will realize that you are occupied with something important.

2. Visit a co-worker in another department

Visiting and having a conversation with a co-worker in another department about new policies, about departmental functioning or related department work will make people think you are keen on making network and know more about the company

3. Spend time in the photocopy centre

The photocopy centre is a good place to pass sometime. Act like you are taking important copies so everyone sees you have important documents with you. And to questions about them, you can just say the documents are confidential.

4. Type rapidly

Whenever anyone crosses by your desk, make it a point that you are typing rapidly with concentration. Like you are busy typing an important mail/document that needs focus. Preferably type it on an old document with content already in it.

5. Eat at your desk during lunch time

Have your meals on your desk while your computer is on acting like you are too busy to take a proper lunch break. When your boss walks by, he/she will notice you being busy & cutting down on time spent during lunch to work.

6. Walk around the workplace in hurry

Whenever you are walking pass by the passage or your boss’ cabin, act like you are in a hurry and that you cannot have a conversation. If someone comes to talk, just wave at them and walk past as if you have an important thing to do that you are hurrying for.

7. Attend meetings

Accept meeting requests that keep coming to your inbox and attend those meetings. Some of the meeting request are generic & can be attended by all employees. This way you will also have a valid explanation for your where-about during the day.

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