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Schedule Like a Boss by Never Grow Up®

Initially, working from home felt like a relief to most. And while it sounds great and has its perks, everyone soon realised it has vastly affected their daily routine. And, before anyone knew, it started to impact productivity and the drive to work. So, how can one function healthily despite the change?

Having a morning routine

It started as some bonus sleep in the morning. All the time that was spent on getting ready for work and travelling was replaced by an extra hour of sleep. After all, our beds are the comfiest when it’s time to wake up, right? But that’s where we’re going wrong. Spending all our morning in bed and waking up merely minutes before our shifts start is making us lazy, attacking our productivity, and wasting our time.

Try sticking to the same time you woke up for the office but create a new routine for yourself in the morning. Avoid checking your phone the moment you’re up so you don’t end up scrolling through your feed till it’s time to log in. Dedicate this extra time in your hands for learning something new. You could try cooking something fancy you saw online, draw, read a book, or simply enjoy your morning brew with your family. Start the day right so you stay motivated and energetic all day.

Get some exercise

From bed to couch, and back to bed – That’s a typical day during a lockdown. Working from home has impacted our daily dose of exercise and limited our physical activities throughout the day. While it may sound fun; staying in bed and getting all the work done from one spot, this is harming you more than you realise.

Not exercising enough can lead to stiff joints, low energy level, poor posture and a ton of serious health conditions. On the other side, exercising makes your body increase endorphins, dopamine, endocannabinoid and adrenaline. These chemicals make one feel happy and confident while lowering anxiety and stress. Try to squeeze in a quick workout every day to stay fit. You can always find something on the internet that suits you. And if you’re feeling extra motivated, how about a few workout challenges floating around online?

Watch your diet 

It’s very easy to neglect our diet when operating from home. Juggling household chores and work rarely leaves any time in our hands to cook three healthy meals. Packaged food that’s easy to cook and junk food as snacks + staying home all day = Perfect concoction for binge eating.

The best way to track your nutritional intake is meal prepping. Plan and prepare your week’s meals over the weekend to save time and stay healthy. You can also organise things over the weekend to cook them in no time over the week. For snacks, opt for nuts, vitamin C rich fruits, yoghurt or chocolates for their stress-relieving properties. Also, try including chamomile or lavender tea in your daily routine to help you stay composed and focused.

After logging out

The clock’s hit 7 PM, your shift has ended… now what?

We all had that one pastime after work that brought us a sigh of relief. It could be an intense workout session at the gym, a stroll in the park with friends, or simply your daily commute with your earphones on. With your post-work activity being off-limits, find something new that helps you transition from work to your personal space.

Once you’re done with work and you’ve logged out for the day, pick a hobby that gives you the same the feeling of reaching your front door after a stressful day. Dedicate 30 minutes to an hour to focus on yourself. Discover the right thing that acts as a barrier between your work hours and the after-work comfort.

Working from home does not mean working round the clock. It needs the same boundaries as before. Take your breaks on the time you did when in office, give yourself space from project to project, focus on yourself and push yourself to develop better habits. 

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