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Tales of Plans that Never Materialize

Plans that never materialize

Have you ever poured your heart and soul into making the perfect plan? It could be a catch-up session with friends, a family holiday with an exhaustive itinerary, or just how you intend to “chill” on the weekend. And then it just didn’t work out. Either people dropped out, some work came your way, or you just didn’t experience the joy you had been anticipating. So, here’s the bottom line – learn to unwind. Chill in life. Enjoying life in the moment is probably the most important road to keeping sane. If we’re always putting off fun till that very moment when the fun is supposed to start, are we really enjoying anything?

Indulge in the small joys in life

On any given weekend, you probably wake up to the alarm on your phone, move to checking social media, get up and do your household chores to the background noise of a TV show, and finally settle down with breakfast or lunch in front of Netflix. Once Netflix is on, the day flies by and you’re left wondering where the weekend went, and you move onto Monday feeling not refreshed but mentally overwhelmed, worrying yourself about contributing to the not so fun employee engagement activity that the Human Resources team have planned.

Since the week goes by with everyone forced to use their email and instant messaging services, why not distance ourselves during the weekend? Sit by the window and read a book, or even stare out of the window for that matter. Listen to your favourite music, eat that meal you’ve been craving all week, take a walk alone in the evening to refresh yourself or finish that book which has been waiting on your shelf forever.  Let a day or two go by on a whim without you having to be a digital slave.

Listen to your impulses

Have a free weekend? Suddenly want to go off to a nearby hill station on a budget trip? Pack your bags and leave. Join a nature-trails group if you’re doubtful about going alone. And if two days is too much to take off, just do a quick day trip. Most of us have no idea about the scenic escape options around our towns and cities. There are options to go stargazing, wine-tasting, trekking, forest walking, and umpteen others. For the less outdoorsy ones, there are weekend workshops, book launches, plays and movie screenings that can make a dull, traffic-ridden city life so much more interesting.

Socialize for real

Why restrict yourself to investing in the virtual world of e-workshop on communication skills, when you can go out there and make a memorable conversation with a complete stranger who could probably end up as your BFF in the years to come? Instead of only going through story after virtual story that your friends and family put up on social media, make real stories with them. Those that needn’t be broadcast to be significant. Make sudden lunch or movie plans with friends or family. You can even hold a small impromptu house party – Food, beverages and music are all you need, not a party list! The sheer wondrousness of doing things on an impulse is only the first step to destressing. Get up one morning feeling inordinately energetic? Call a friend and go for a run. Don’t think of the umpteen chores waiting to be done. Finish your run and then tackle the tasks at hand. The adrenaline rush of spontaneity and the charm of good company cannot be beaten!

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