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When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), our credence has been simple. CSR should be people led – simply because what appeals to one may not appeal to another. The conscious inclusion of public interest into corporate decision-making, helps foster a culture that raises societal mindfulness.

From local felicitations to personal contributions, it’s not just the scale of economics that matter, but more so, the time you take out and the passion for making a difference. Sponsoring events and donating a large sum of money while driving some mileage is one of the most preferred forms.  That said, being involved first-hand and taking the onus to see the initiative through is what leads to greater impact. At Never Grow Up ®, we believe in doing something for our immediate surrounding and for those less fortunate.

For example, our team raised funds through a fun-filled engagement activity. A simple process of making lemonade and selling it to the local public on the streets. With the money that we collected, food was purchased for the underprivileged who lived around our office premises. It was a collective team effort that gave the entire activity a true sense of purpose, and united peers with the sole motto of selfless service.

During Diwali, instead of spending on purchasing sweets and dry fruits for our teams, we decided to associate with a reputed NGO and donate the very same money to sponsor the vocational education of an underprivileged girl child for a year. While this is at a company level, this act has left team members with a sense of gratification.

Organizations ought to promote CSR initiatives that not just make their employees happy, but also make them feel proud to be a part of an amazing workplace. It is therefore crucial that CSR initiatives focus on employee giving, community partnerships, local involvement, and volunteerism. Ultimately, evoking a sense of pride in the act and the medium.

This article first appeared on People & Management Print Magazine. To know more about our initiatives in the CSR space, follow us on LinkedIn.

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