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Never Grow Up ® announces the launch of India’s First Return on Engagement calculator

Return On Engagement Calculator

Dedicated to the pursuit of happiness at work, Never Grow Up ® a new-age Work Culture Consultancy has recently launched a Return On Engagement (ROE) calculator. A tool that helps decode how much an organization can save when their employees are engaged.

Losing an employee is a costly affair and while the exact science depends on a number of variables, the ROE Calculator has considered parameters such as the number of employees, average salary and annual turnover to ensure that you have a comprehensive report on what impacts the life of an average employee.

Alekhya Kilambi, Research & Content Associate at Never Grow Up ® said, “We firmly believe in the ‘people first to deliver customer first approach’. The Return on Engagement Calculator serves as a catalyst to appreciate the true significance of Employee Engagement costs as well as justify the expenditure that Human Resources teams have to undertake to drive engagement.”

With an in-depth understanding of the estimated or reduced absenteeism and annual turnover to arrive at an estimated savings that an organization can attain year-on-year, all you have to do is plug in 3 data points and the ROE calculator will lead you to a strategic output that showcases approximate annual savings on Productivity, Absenteeism, Attrition and On-boarding. You can also download a detailed analysis for free from our website

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